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    Most people want to avoid the heartache of probate, but don’t know what needs to be done before it is too late.  As a result of this uncertainty, contemplating how your assets will be divided when you pass away, can be a daunting endeavor.

    The Estate Planning Law Firm, understands the anxiety many clients face when pondering death.  There are not many other areas of law that evoke such emotion as estate planning.The Estate Planning Attorney has a legal team that not only possesses the experience and knowledge you need, but also the empathy you deserve.

    When representing our clients, we consider all aspects of our clients’ lives, not just the assets that have been accumulated.  We fully understand estate planning isn’t just about the assets you leave for a family member or friend, we understand it is also about what your generosity will mean to your beneficiaries and heirs after you have passed away.

    You need an estate planning attorney who will not only listen, you need an attorney that will guide you through the process, to ensure that your wants and needs are adhered to.

    At some point in our lives, we realize we need a will and a trust to ensure our expectations are adhered to.  With approximately two decades of legal experience, The Estate Planning Law Firm is confident the best estate asset protection and estate planning is within your reach.

    Regardless of whether you significant assets, or are under the impression your assets do not rise to the level that would warrant a trust or estate plan,everyone can benefit from the expertise of The Estate Planning Law Firm.If nothing else, The Estate Planning Law Firm can help provide the peace of mind that comes with a professional Legacy Plan.

    The unfortunate reality is, as a result of death, or mental/physical limitations, a day will come when we are no longer able to sign the necessary estate planning documents. The only way to make certain your expectations are adhered to, without requiring your family to litigate your estate through the probate court, is to plan in advance.

    Planning in advance comes in the form of professional estate planning from an experienced estate planning attorney.  With the correct estate plan, you can reduce the amount of taxes imposed on your assets, prevent your family from having to spend unnecessary time and money in probate court fighting to get assets transferred.

    The Estate Planning Law Firm strives to inform clients about the estate planning tools that are available, help them determine which one create the best outcomes, and prepare the estate plan each client decides to adopt.

    The Estate Planning Law Firm is a professional estate planning law firm that is available to:

    Create the best estate plan you need, including a trust, will, power of attorney,all designations related to health care, and business succession planning, so that your family and your assets are protected after your death.

    If you want to develop the estate plan that best protects your loved ones and assets, contact The Estate Planning Law Firm today.

    Remember, although it is never too early to develop the right estate plan, unfortunately it can be too late to protect your family and assets.

    If you would like to schedule an appointment with The Estate Planning Law Firm, call (714) 805-9229


    Asset Protection and Business Planning can prevent/reduce risk by insulating your personal and business assets from claims and lawsuits.


    Estate planning is a series of processes that are intended to manage an individual’s assetsin the case of incapacitation and death.


    Assets that one living person gives to another living person may not be subject to taxation because of exemptions given in tax laws.


    An incapacity planis intended to ensure your wishes will be protected, giving someone the legal authority to represent your interests, if you become incapacitated.


    Probate is the court process involving the distribution of assets of a deceased person. Trust Administration is the distribution of assets in trust documents.


    The SECURE ACT changed many retirement account rules related to who is eligible to make a contribution and when withdrawals from the account are required.


    Special Needs Planning can provide financial stability for loved ones with special needs, striving to ensure access to the help they need for years to come.


    Because of your service, or the service of a loved one, you have a host of benefits and resources available through the V.A.(and other agencies).

    Why Choose Us

    You are our priority! Building relationships with clients is what The Estate Planning Law Firm strives to do. It is with these relationships that we can help our clients/friends develop the best estate plan possible.


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      Building relationships allows us to understand the unique needs of each client, therefore allowing us to help identify the best estate plan for each client.

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      Michael Holmes is a pillar in the legal community who takes pride and personal attention to the handling of each and every client. Patient and understanding of each clients needs and always takes the time to keep everything up to date. Proud to be associated with Mr. Holmes.


      Michael is truly a professional. He was on vacation and still agreed to meet me to discuss my legal needs. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a high end lawyer.


      Mr. Holmes is a great litigator he looks for details and gets the absolute best results. I appreciated the fact that he … looked at everything and used his fine skills.


      and recognitions

      Our work has been acknowledged not just by our clients, but by recognized legal establishments throughout the State of California and Nationally. We maintain our great reputation by keeping up the passion for high quality work.

      Talk To Us Today!

      Contact The Estate Planning Law Firm today to develop the estate plan appropriate for your needs.


      Our work has been featured on several established media outlets.

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      Building Estate & Legacy Plans through relationships with our clients.


      Disclaimer: This site contains general information only It is not intended to be relied upon as legal advice, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. This site is for advertisement purposes for Michael J. Holmes, Attorney at Law.

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