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Sex Crimes Attorney in Orange County, CA

Have you been accused of sexual misconduct?

Allegations of crimes involving sexual misconduct shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your rights. Let our professional and skilled sex crimes attorneys assist you. We will deal with these allegations head-on to protect your rights.

The Sex Crimes Attorney is an Orange County criminal defense firm focused on defending the rights of individuals accused of sex crimes in the Superior and Federal Court.

Our law firm does not judge individuals who have been accused of sex crimes. Anyone can find themselves in such unfortunate situations. What our firm does is present a case on behalf of our clients to give them a fighting chance at protecting their rights.

In a legal system that is eager to penalize such crimes, you cannot fight this battle alone. Protect your rights with an experienced sex crimes attorney by your side.

Your rights are our priority. We have 17 years of experience in defending clients accused of sex crimes.

The Sex Crimes Attorney handles a comprehensive array of criminal charges, ranging from child pornography to pimping and pandering.

Being accused of any crime is an uncomfortable experience; but being accused of a sex crime is on a higher level since it has an immediate impact on your reputation, professional career, relationships, and more. Even before the trial (or even if you’re never convicted), the mere accusation of these offenses can negatively affect your life for years to come.

If you are accused of a sexual misconduct such as prostitution (CA Penal Code Section 647(b), rape (CA Penal Code Section 261), or child pornography (CA Penal Code Section 311), the district attorney will require you to register as a sex offender in accordance to Section 290 of the California Penal Code.

What Are the Consequences of Being on the California Sex Offender Registry?

The restrictions placed on individuals who must register as sex offenders are intrusive. First, their photo and personal information will be placed on the Megan’s Law website to protect the public. Authorities demand to know where people charged with sexual crimes are to ensure they will not affect the community.

Second, being listed as a registered sex offender negatively affects how you live your life, even after you’ve finished serving time. Some common consequences of registering include:

Child Pornography

Involves the distribution, possession, and selling of child pornography. Federal laws also apply to viewing or obtaining videos through the Internet.

Indecent Exposure

Any form of offensive and vulgar full or partial nudity in public.

Pimping & Pandering

Includes individuals who drive prostitutes to and from clients and recruit clients into the industry.


Known as the act of engaging in sexual activities in exchange for money.


Refers to any non-consensual sexual intercourse, committed by the threat of physical force or injury.

Sex Offender Registry

Defined as the collection of data of convicted sex offenders.

Sexual Assault

Involves the involuntary or unwanted sexual contact perpetrated by one party to another.


Plea, request, or persuading a person to commit an illegal act.

Statutory Rape

Consensual sexual activity between an adult and a minor who hasn’t reached the age of consent.

Lewd and Lascivious Allegations

Unlawful conduct that involves arousing another person’s libido, indecent exposure, and more.

Oral Copulation

Any form of contact between an individual’s mouth and another person’s sexual organ.

Human Trafficking

Unlawful trading of individuals for exploitation purposes through coercion, fraud, or force.

Why Choose Us

Your rights are our priority. In the event that you are accused of sex crimes, our attorneys are at your service.


Aggressive Legal Representation


Trusted Legal Experts in California

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Client-Centric Approach


Experienced Attorneys by Your Side

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Compassionate Services Guaranteed


Always Available

Reach us


    Our results speak for themselves. We don’t blind you with legal gimmick; we encourage you to use our services with testimonials from our satisfied clients.

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    Michael Holmes is a pillar in the legal community who takes pride and personal attention to the handling of each and every client. Patient and understanding of each clients needs and always takes the time to keep everything up to date. Proud to be associated with Mr. Holmes.


    Michael is truly a professional. He was on vacation and still agreed to meet me to discuss my legal needs. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a high end lawyer.


    Mr. Holmes is a great litigator he looks for details and gets the absolute best results. I appreciated the fact that he didn't just try to push my case through but looked at everything and used hes fine skills to my advantage


    Awards and Recognitions

    The Sex Crimes Attorney has defended countless clients against allegations of sexual misconduct. Our work has been acknowledged not just by our clients, but by recognized legal establishments in Orange County. We maintain our good reputation by keeping up our passion for good work.

    Talk To Us Today!

    Contact the Orange County Sex Crimes Attorney today to receive the best legal assistance.


    Our work has been featured on several established media outlets.

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    Talk to us today!

    Contact The Estate Planning Law Firm today to develop the estate plan appropriate for your needs.

    Building Estate & Legacy Plans through relationships with our clients.


    Disclaimer: This site contains general information only It is not intended to be relied upon as legal advice, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. This site is for advertisement purposes for Michael J. Holmes, Attorney at Law.

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